Success stories

What people say about working with Jilena at Vibrant Heart Center:

“I received a Full Spirit Activation from Jilena today which grounded me, and increased my sense of awareness, intuition and physical energy. Thank you for the awesome tune up of my spirit, Jilena!!”

~Kevin Beamon, Licensed Massage Therapist and Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

“I had surgery to remove a large growth on my right shoulder. Before, during, and for a week after the surgery, Jilena did long-distance Reiki sessions. At three weeks of healing, there was a major setback requiring a second surgery. Again, Jilena did several distance Reiki sessions. During most of these sessions I could feel warmth in the wound area. With all sessions, I felt a reduction in pain and anxiety, and an increase in my sense of well being. I would feel more grounded physically, mentally, and emotionally. Jilena is a gifted healer and I am grateful for her assistance during this time of healing.”

~Rebecca Collias, Licensed Massage Therapist

“My 5-year-old daughter had the traumatic experience of being chased by a large dog a few years ago. She was very frightened by this experience, and, after that, whenever she saw a dog or even heard one bark, she would feel terrified, cry and scream.

“I took her to have a coaching session with Jilena, hoping this response to dogs could be changed. The next day after the session, we were outside raking leaves when a stray, medium-sized dog came running up off-leash and ran around us before running off. My daughter actually stayed calm and aware. She is now able to express curiosity and fondness for dogs!!”

~Diana Jyoti, Doula and Family Constellations Practitioner

“Jilena has been coaching me for about 2 months, helping me shift some limiting vows and beliefs I’ve had around money and prosperity. I have noticed a huge shift in a short time. I am now a lot calmer, feel more joy in life, have more work coming in, and have stopped worrying about what might happen in the future. Jilena is a very caring and wise coach and she creates a safe place to make deep changes!”

~Carla Hansen, Life Coach

“Though I’m friendly and out-going, I have always had a pretty fierce fear of public speaking. Any group larger than three people, and I would start to sweat, my heart rate would increase and I’d be short of breath. This was a great hindrance in my life and my career.

“I went to Jilena to see if she could help me, and boy how glad that I did! Within two pretty fun visits, I was able to give a talk in front of about 15 people. Several months later, I was asked to speak to a gathering of over 100 people, and I immediately, without wavering, said “Yes!” I now teach Qigong classes, and I’m currently planning regular talks on East Asian Medicine.

“Thank you Jilena, for helping me move through my fear to have the future I always wanted!”

~Renee Benedict, East Asian Medicine Practitioner

“I have been dealing with significant pain from sciatica and, also, from an old double spiral fracture to the tibia/fibula. Jilena taught me two techniques that I now use on my own which have been very helpful. They still serve as tools to reduce the pain and lessen needs for pain medication. These techniques are good support in addition to what I have learned from naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, as well as allopathic medicine.”

~Scott Maddock, Database Development Engineer